Wheel OD 22
Wheel Width 1
Hub Style 5SpkLC-B
Bore Length 3
Bore ID 1.375
Hub Color Wht
Unit Net Weight 2.031
Parts Per Container 10
Other 1 No Handrim
Other 2
Other 3

X-CoreTM 22ʺ 5-Spoke Carbon Fiber Wheel for Wheelchairs

We at Custom Engineered Wheels Inc. (CEW) are dedicated to providing our clients with the smoothest most efficient hassle-free ride. As the leading manufacturer of carbon fiber wheels designed for wheelchairs, we utilize the latest technology to create ideal products.

X-CoreTM Carbon Fiber Wheel Design

The wheels have been designed as a single piece. The removal of wire spokes makes the wheels look aesthetically pleasing, while making it easier to clean, maintain, handle, and remove. The solid unified structure of the wheels makes it stronger and less susceptible to breaking down. The wheels also feature a unique anti-roll of design. The tire fits on to the wheel in a manner that makes it next to impossible for the tire to roll off.

The materials used and the manufacturing process employed ensure that the chair downtime is minimal. The overall experience provided is excellent making it the preferred wheel for most kinds of wheelchairs.

X-CORE™ 22ʺ 5-Spoke Carbon Fiber Wheel
Wheel Size 22ʺ (501 mm)
Wheel Material Enduro II: Fiber Reinforce Composite
Tire Compatibility AERO-FLEX™ – High Performance Microcellular Polyurethane Tire with Herringbone and Street Tread (Solid No Flat Tire)
Maximum 75 psi Pneumatic Tire
Load Limit 300 lbs.
Rim Detail Anti-Roll-Off Design
Handrim Material Aluminum Black/ Silver Anodize
Composite Handrim
Axle Diameter 1 3/8ʺ × 1/2ʺ × 7/16ʺ
Axle Width 2.32ʺ (58.93 mm) Standard
CEW Warranty Limited 3 Year Warranty
Wheel Weight Total Weight Including Wheel and Bearings (Without Tire & Handrim): 1.98 lbs.

Hub Color

  • 3C – Black
  • White
  • 6C – Grey
  • 8C – Grey
  • 11C – Grey
  • 430C – Grey
  • 432C – Dark Grey

Tire Color

  • Black
  • Dark Grey
  • Light Grey
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Pink

Ordering Information

To place an order, please contact our knowledgeable and professional customer service team:

If you cannot find what you need or require a custom part, simply call and speak to one of our knowledgeable wheel specialists. They can walk you through the ordering process quickly and professionally.

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