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Headquarters :

Custom Engineered Wheels, Inc
309 Robert M. Coggins Jr. Dr., PO Box 395, Baldwyn, MS 38824

Phone : (800)-479-4335 / (574)-267-4005
Fax : (574)-267-4824
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Baldwyn, Mississippi:

CEW Headquarters, Engineering Center, Corporate Testing Facility, Injection Molding and Assembly Operations.  Proud home of the Skyway by CEW operations. Specializing in lawn and garden and all TuffWheel products. Made in the USA.

309 Robert M. Coggins Jr. Dr., PO Box 395 Baldwyn, MS 38824

Baldwyn, Mississippi:

Reynosa, Mexico:

Polyurethane Foam Production, Injection Molding, Lost Core Injection Molding and Assembly Operations

Privada Martel #11, Parque Ind Reynosa, Reynosa, Tamp. Mexico CP 88780

Reynosa, Mexico:

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