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SHOX® Tires

Shock Resistant Shox® Tires from CEW

Human powered vehicles or apparatuses are used in different environments.

Bicycles are used outdoors on tar, grass, or dusty and muddy roads.

Walkers are generally used indoors, or on soft ground.

Wheelchairs can be used indoors and outdoors. The terrain for each is different.

Regular tires may not be able to withstand the constant force and pressure that apparatuses face in such terrains.

A special type of tire is required to meet this need.

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Shox®PU TireSpecifications
Wheel MaterialShox Performance Polyurethane
DescriptionMicrocellular flexible foam
Available Sizes:10ʺ – 26″
Tread patterns:Multi-Rib
All Terrain
Available Colors:
Shox Tires
Dark Grey
Light Grey
other available upon request
Sizes (10″-15″)
Shox Tires
Sizes (24″-26″)
Shox Tires

The tires need to be designed in a manner that they can resist the impact of the terrain, providing good shock absorption, while ensuring a comfortable ride to the user.

The tires need to have a certain width for providing a good grip. When the apparatus is not in use, the tires need to help the vehicle remain stationary, and not roll off.

CEW’s Shox® Tires can take care of all these requirements and more.

Shox® Tires Features

These are high performance polyurethane tires, which are designed to provide benefits of strength, flexibility, tear and abrasion resistance, and invulnerability to oil, water, and grease. The superior features of Shox® tires help them meet every application requirement.

  • Shox® Distribution: Our custom mix of elastomers gives the tires superior shock absorption capabilities. The elastomer combination allows impacts to resonate through the tire, and ensure shock absorption.
  • Ultra Quad Bead System: The tires’ design also consists of a patented bead system. The beads on the tire locks it to the rim, thus preventing roll-offs.
  • Spin Cast Process: CEW Shox® Tires are manufactured with our exclusive spin cast process. The finished tires consist of dense treads, and soft, flexible sidewalls. These features provide a cushioning effort, hence providing a comfortable ride. Also, the user does not need to put in immense efforts to move the vehicle.

Applications of Shox Tires

These wheels are known for their versatility, and can be used in a variety of wheelchairs applications.

CEW provides high strength, durable shock resistant tires for use in medical, commercial and sports applications. We can even design custom wheels to meet your needs. Contact us today to know more.

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