Skyway Wheels

Skyway Wheels

All Skyway wheels, from 4″ casters to our newest 24″ wheels, are built to accommodate pneumatic or non-pneumatic tires, as well as precision or flanged bearings of various sizes. Whether you require modification of an existing hub, or the manufacture of a specific tool to suit your needs, Skyway’s extensive in-house machine shop stands ready to assist you.

BMX Wheels

The world’s first injection molded nylon bicycle wheel is still available today!

Medical Wheels

Since its invention in 1979, Skyway’s nylon wheel for wheelchairs have been the standard for wheels on healthcare devices.

Industrial Wheels

A rival to none, Skyway’s line of utility wheels are available in a wide range of options.

Caster Wheels

From robotics to skateboards, Skyway has developed a vast assortment of caster wheels for your needs.

Custom Plastic Wheels
Custom Wheels

Need something more custom? Let’s build something amazing and find something that meets your exact specs.

Why Skyway Wheels

For over 60 years, Skyway has innovated and produced wheels with unparalleled quality and reliability. We carry a wide range of options for wheels from wheelchair wheels to bike wheels, and if you do not find what you are looking for, we have custom wheel options available as well. Call to discuss what Custom Engineered Wheels can do for you.


Let’s build something amazing!

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