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CEW is a world leader in providing quality wheeled products. Based in Baldwyn, MS, USA, we utilize a perfect combination of engineering knowledge, inimitable manufacturing experience, high grade materials, and outstanding production equipment to provide innovative, non-pneumatic wheeled products to our customers.

We design and manufacture an array of products that can meet the needs of various customers:

From Small Beginnings to Superlative Success

CEW’s journey to a globally successful company has been extensive and interesting. The timeline below will provide clarity on the company’s growth over the decades.

  • 1976 – Creation of joint venture company between Hamlin and Sun Metal
  • 1979 – Company is converted into a standalone organization
  • 1996 – Organization is purchased by Spartech
  • 2000 – Acquisition of Alshin Tire, which enables company’s presence in international polyurethane molding market
  • 2001 – Opened Tupelo Mississippi operation
  • 2005 – Opened Reynosa Mexico operation
  • 2009 – CEW is formed as Spartech sells Wheeled Product Division
  • 2018 – Merged the Warsaw, IN facility with the Baldwyn, MS plant making Baldwyn the new CEW Headquarters

These various changes have transformed the organization into the hugely successful CEW Inc.

Cutting-edge Technologies for Creating Superior Products

We at CEW have made immense efforts to acquire the latest equipment and technologies that will meet the current and future needs of our clients. Our manufacturing facilities boasts of world class manufacturing equipment, which includes:

  • Injection Molding
  • Polyurethane Molding
  • Lost Core Molding

We also provide supportive secondary services such as tread cap wheel solutions, heat staking, machining, painting, insertion, and assembly. We have a passion for delivering quality products on time, every time. Our strategically located facilities at Tupelo and Baldwyn, Mississippi, and Reynosa, Mexico allow us to deliver our products to customers within a short turnaround time.

Winning Accolades for our Innovations

Our CEW team has also made efforts to create innovative technologies that provide quality product and application solutions. Our exclusive Spin Cast Process produces tires with dense treads and soft pliable sidewalls. Our patented Ultra Quad Bead System locks tires to the rim, helping to prevent roll offs. Customers rely on our consistent performance for outstanding product innovation and quality, exceptional customer service, and world class delivery. Our continual goal is to be the leading producer of durable and value adding wheeled products world-wide.

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