Revolutionizing Turf Care: CEW Engineers the Perfect Wheel for a New Mower Line Launch

Summary: When launching their own walk-behind mower line, a customer approached CEW for their expertise in wheel design. Armed with rough models and a vision, they needed CEW’s experienced engineering team to develop a wheel that was functional, aesthetically pleasing, and economical. Through multiple iterations and close collaboration, CEW delivered a wheel that satisfied all criteria, enabling the customer to successfully launch their new product line.

Industry: Lawn & Garden
Category: Custom Wheel Design
Processes: Custom Design, Multiple Iterations, Optimization for Manufacturing and Performance

A customer was preparing to launch their own walk-behind mower line. While they had a clear vision for the wheel’s aesthetic appeal to align with their marketing strategy, they needed help in developing a design that was both functional and economical. They provided CEW with rough models indicating the wheel’s general size and outward appearance.

Leveraging decades of industry experience, CEW’s engineering team swung into action. The team worked on various versions of the wheels, optimizing them for manufacturing efficiency and performance, without compromising the cosmetic attributes that the customer’s marketing team desired. Several iterations were provided, allowing the customer to make an informed final decision on aesthetics, performance, and cost.

By partnering with CEW, the customer was able to launch their walk-behind mower line with wheels that not only met aesthetic desires but also performed reliably and economically. The collaboration with CEW allowed for value creation, reducing development time and offering specific expertise that even companies with full engineering teams find valuable.

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