Foam Inserts

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Made from our proprietary Aero-Flex® cellular polyurethane foam, CEW’s flat proof tire inserts duplicate the ride comfort of air-inflated tires with total freedom from flats, leaks and repairs.

We at CEW carry a rich inventory of flat proof pneumatic tires with solid inserts or can provide just an airless insert only.

Foam Tire Insert Products

These tires and wheel assemblies find numerous applications in rough terrains, and thus are largely purchased for outdoor applications.  They are popular in applications including but not limited to :

  • Manual Wheelchairs
  • Game carts
  • Rescue carts
  • Canoe/kayak carts
  • Among many other.

About their Construction

At CEW we take pride in our quality and will never compromise on it.

Our range of flat proof tires are manufactured using the same molding techniques and quality inspections as our solid polyurethane tires.

Another beneficial factor about these airless urethane tire inserts is that they can be rebuilt easily, which is not possible with foam filled tires. The use of specialized urethane component offers extreme rigidity to the product, along with providing unmatched cut resistance and minimized tread wear.

Invest in CEW Flat Proof Pneumatic Tires and Enjoy a Safe and Smooth Ride

Offering the comfort of air-inflated tires minus the risk, these solid inserts are offered in 8ʺ all the way up to 26ʺ rim sizes. Select the right insert for you with our easy to use catalog.

CEW specializes in high-volume production. If you are not sure what to order, please contact the CEW team and we will guide you toward the right solution for your application.

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