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Shox® Caster Wheels

Unrivaled Performance CNC Machined Shox® Caster Wheels

CEW’s exclusive line of Shox® caster wheels provides superior performance in operation.

These casters feature aluminum or composite hub options for high quality appearance, lightweight application, and long service life.

The Shox caster wheels are manufactured using a custom mix of elastomers that provide superior shock absorption.

Since the tires are solid you never have to worry about flats.

Distinguished for their Outstanding Features

CEW’s Shox® medium duty caster wheels are popularly used across industries, since:

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Shox® Caster WheelsSpecifications
DescriptionHigh Performance polyurethane blends
Wheel MaterialShox Polyurethane
Hub MaterialComposite, Aluminum
Hub Length1″ to 1 1/2″
Hub Width1″
Bearing Size5/16ʺ
Bearing OptionsPrecision BB, Sealed BB
Available Sizes:4ʺ – 6″
Available Colors:Black
Others upon request
Applications:Manual Wheelchair
Power Wheelchairs
Composite Hollow 3spk Mag
Shox caster
Aluminum 3 spoke
shox caster
Plastic 5 spoke
shox caster
  • They are solid, guaranteeing no flats
  • They are light and can withstand frequent weather changes, chemical exposure, and wear and tear.
  • They guarantee an extremely smooth ride even on tough terrain due to their unique assembly utilizing superior detachable wheel assembly technique coupled with high quality polyurethane material.
  • The assembly comprises of polyurethane tires that are fitted around hollow spoke composite caster wheels using precision ball bearings.
  • They are suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications like wheelchairs, walkers, and monster scooters among others.

Technology Used to Manufacture Shox®Caster Wheels

We use state-of-the-art CNC technology to manufacture our aluminum medium duty caster wheels. These precision-machined parts provide better load bearing capabilities. Since this method is used to manufacture the whole wheel as a single component, problems of parts falling out or breaking are diminished. The need for maintenance is also greatly reduced.

All of our wheels feature a patented bead system that helps the tire latch onto the rim of the hub. This system locks the tire and keeps it from rolling off. Implementation of these technologies ensures that the wheel as a whole provides superior performance. We utilize a mix of reliable tried and tested methods, as well as many of our patented processes to manufacture products with greater precision, lower lead-time, and at economical prices.

Highly Experienced Technicians Working to Produce Quality Assembly

Extreme care and caution is taken by the CEW team to create smooth rolling, high performance, and low maintenance manual caster wheel assemblies. If you have to incorporate any unique feature to the standard design, we can get it done for you.

Our expertise lies in customizing caster wheels to your exact specifications utilizing the latest methods and the best materials.  Please click here to start creating medium duty caster wheels with your custom specifications.

Shox®Caster Wheels: Ensuring a Light, Smooth, and Easy Ride Every Time.

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