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Aero-flex™ Comfort Track & HD Foam Fills – Click Here for Catalog

Flat-proof Pneumatic tires.

Aero-flex™ is CEW’s proprietary foam fill formula. This foam fill has the best feel in the industry, bar none.

Foam Fill Tire and Assembly Categories

  • Our Aero-flex II™ Comfort Track foam fills tires ride like air inflated pneumatic tires but they will never leak or go flat
  • Aero-flex II™ foam fill converts your pneumatic tires to non-pneumatic ones.
  • Our exclusive material resists deterioration over time
  • Our foam fills are extremely reliable. They will never pop, hence, reducing chances of unexpected incidents and accidents.
  • Helps reduce downtime
  • Increases service life of tires
  • Reduced costs associated with maintenance and repair
  • CEW also produces a heavy duty foam fills for bariatric wheelchairs.

Dual Density Foam Fills

Aero-flex II™ tires consist of the right proportions of Aero-Flex I and Aero-Flex II compounds. This combination allows the user to take advantage of the beneficial features of both these materials in one single product.

The harder, Aero-Flex I compound is placed on the inside of the circumference, near the rim. The softer material Aero-Flex II is placed on the outside right under the tire tread. The tougher material does not budge and provides a safe ride, while the softer material, provides a softer smoother ride.

The tougher material disperses the vibrations experienced on impact while the softer material absorbs it. By using a combination of both the materials, the tire exhibits positive properties of both materials. Hence, it is more effective as compared to either of the materials being used on their own.

Production Technology: SPIN-Cast Molding

The process of spin-cast molding is used to insert foam fill into tires. This process helps create a dense, firm tread area while keeping the sidewall area flexible. The distribution of the foam fill is even and accurate ensuring excellent shock absorption. This helps provide the user with a smooth ride, every time with Aero-flex™ Comfort Track & HD Foam Fills

Typical Applications include but not limited to:

  • Manual Wheelchairs
  • Power Wheelchairs
  • Scooters
  • Baggage Carts
  • Ariel Platforms
  • Sweepers
  • Mowers
  • And more
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