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Highly Durable AERO-FLEX® and Shox® Polyurethane Flat Free Tires

Specializing in high-volume production, CEW is a leading provider of AERO-FLEX® and Shox® brand PU tires featuring exceptional shock absorbing qualities and unsurpassed durability. These micro cellular polyurethane (PU) tires are incredibly tough, yet lightweight and long wearing, creating a tire that is superior to conventional pneumatic tires.

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Understand AERO-FLEX® Composite Material

At CEW, we use the AERO-FLEX® formulation to produce microcellular custom polyurethane flat free tires. This compound is produced with a mixture of our proprietary microcellular urethane and composite rubber material. The AERO-FLEX® compound enhances the road grip and adhesion by combining the traction of tread rubber with superior wear and lightweight properties of our patented microcellular urethane material.

Why PU Tires?

There are several reasons to choose our flat free tires:

  • Half the weight
  • Twice the wear
  • Excellent load bearing capacity
  • Softer ride
  • Flat Free and Maintenance Free

The secret is in the structure of the material. Thousands of microscopic, honeycomb-like cells are formed by a matrix of tough urethane elastomer.

These tiny cells make CEW’s tires lightweight and flexible, allowing them to compress and conform to road obstacles just like air-inflated tires.

Because these cells rely on structure and not air pressure for load support, they cannot leak or go flat, and never need to be pumped up or repaired. Nails, shards, or broken piece of glass may pose a threat to traditional tires but not our tires.  Hence, they are known as flat free polyurethane tires.

High Performance PU Tires

Since 1976, CEW has been supplying micro-cellular polyurethane tires to varied sectors of medical, manufacturing, and industrial markets. As the most trusted custom flat free tires manufacturer, we strive to provide innovative and high preforming PU tires.

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