Paving the Path to Performance: CEW’s No-Flat Wheel Assembly Fuels a Commercial Equipment Launch

Summary: CEW partnered with a large outdoor commercial equipment OEM to design a custom no-flat wheel assembly that met specific space and gear interface requirements for a new product launch. Providing multiple design iterations, CEW helped the customer choose the optimal cosmetic look while ensuring durability and reliability. Despite global supply chain challenges, CEW delivered the project on time and within cost targets, using their internal manufacturing processes and globally sourced materials.

Industry: Industrial & Commercial
Category: Custom No-Flat Wheel Assembly for New Product Launch
Processes: Custom Design, Multiple Iterations, Internal Manufacturing Processes, Global Sourcing of Materials

A large outdoor commercial equipment Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) was preparing to launch a brand-new product line into the market. They needed a no-flat wheel assembly custom-designed to fit their specific space envelope and gear interface requirements. The assembly had to be durable and reliable, as performance and minimized downtime were paramount for their commercial operators.

CEW rose to the challenge by offering multiple design iterations, enabling the customer to select the cosmetics that best complemented their overall unit. Using CEW’s internal manufacturing processes and globally sourced materials, a unique, no-flat wheel assembly was manufactured in North America to meet the client’s stringent requirements. CEW successfully navigated global supply chain issues to ensure on-time delivery for the new product’s launch.

CEW not only met the customer’s specialized design specifications but also delivered the project within the required cost targets. The no-flat wheel system was robust and reliable, key attributes that would contribute to minimizing downtime for commercial equipment operators. Additionally, the project was completed on schedule, aligning perfectly with the customer’s product launch timetable.

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