Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship

The 3R System helps CEW find ways to eliminate waste and protect the environment.

Reduce: CEW's 3R system is optimized in using the minimum amount of raw materials during the manufacturing process.

Reuse: CEW is a strong supporter in the reuse of its product in order to efficiently and effectively use all of the raw material.

Recycle: CEW takes pride in the fact they are a zero waste to landfill facilities.

CEW supports environmental awareness by encouraging recycling and waste management in our business practices and operating procedures. This support includes a commitment to the purchase, use, and disposal of products and material in a manner that will best utilize natural recourses and minimize negative impacts on the earth's environment.

CEW's operations in Warsaw and Tupelo are a zero waste to landfill facility. CEW's international operation is well on its way to being zero waste to landfill facility with over 80% of its journey complete.

CEW is proud to be a partner and active participant in the EPA WasteWise program. CEW is making every effort to practice environmental stewardship, reduce waste, and integrate sustainable materials management into our waste-manage procedure. We invite you to join us in our commitment to the environment and the futures.

Certifications: Environmental Management System-ISO-14001-2004


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