VIDEO: GOTRAX™ Shatters Hoverboard Go-Kart Wheelie World Record

VIDEO: GOTRAX™ Shatters Hoverboard Go-Kart Wheelie World Record

Mar 23, 2018

GOTRAX™, a Denver-based brand of electric rideables driven by imagination and innovation with a focus on science and education, proudly claims a new unofficial hoverboard go-kart wheelie world record of 612 feet on its HOVERFLY KART and HOVERFLY XL off-road hoverboard.

The GOTRAX team took advantage of an unseasonably warm and sunny winter day at its Denver headquarters to attempt the unofficial world record for distance traveled on only the rear-wheels of a three-wheel hoverboard-powered go-kart. Martin, a member of the GOTRAX marketing team, piloted the KART down a colorful alleyway awash in sunshine and street art in Denver’s RiNo neighborhood.

“It seemed like a great opportunity to have some fun on one of my favorite products while challenging my skills to set a record,” says Martin. “And it goes to show that e-rideables aren’t just for kids.”

GOTRAX will be giving Denver fans a chance to race dubstep pioneer 12th Planet on the HOVERFLY KART Friday, March 2, during the final performance of his Denver residency at Beta Nightclub.

When connected to a HOVERFLY hoverboard, the HOVERFLY KART allows the rider to sit comfortably in the race-inspired bucket seat and accelerate, stop and steer with intuitive hand controls via the ergonomic space-foam handlebar grips. The HOVERFLY KART harnesses the space-age gyroscopic technology of hoverboards to create an entirely new electric-powered experience.

Featuring a sturdy, adjustable, steel tube frame to accommodate most children and some adults, the HOVERFLY KART is engineered to work with self-balancing scooters with wheel sizes ranging from 6.5 to 10 inches. Utilizing the 0-degree turning radius of the attached hoverboard, the KART’s front end pivots on a precision caster wheel, making it incredibly maneuverable yet stable, cable of riding on a greater variety of surfaces than most hoverboards.

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