Looking for a Total Custom Injection Molding Solution?

At CEW, we offer a seamless tooling transition solution ensuring uninterrupted production. For nearly fifty years, CEW has delivered high-quality, ISO certified, best-in-class plastic injection molding to make millions of parts used by leading OEMs around the world. Elevate your molding experience with CEW, consider CEW for housing and running your next injection molding project.

How Do I Move My Existing Mold?

1. Build out a plan
Although this sounds like a no-brainer, spending the time to devise a thorough plan can make the transition much easier. Discuss your goals, objectives, and concerns with us right away so we can address them.
2. Communicate Often and Early
You might know everything about your product, but can you communicate it to your new partner effectively? If yes, then be sure to start early and often.
3. Establish Expectations and Requirements
Setting expectations is an important piece of the process. Identify these expectations, requirements and create a schedule that will help you and CEW stay on the same page. This will provide opportunities to share and level best practices.

How Do I Prepare My Mold For Transfer?

1. Pre-Shipping Inspection
Inspect your mold at its current location before anything else. Make sure it is not damaged and that it runs well in its current condition. We will not take responsibility for a mold that won’t run correctly as is.
2. Drain The Lines
Completely drain the cooling lines in your mold before packaging it. We also recommend spraying your mold with rust-preventing mold spray.
3. Wrap, Crate, and Secure
We recommend wrapping your mold in poly wrap to protect it. Be sure to completely cover the mold. Transport the mold using a large, sturdy freight crate. Finally, secure the mold using steel or Kevlar-woven straps.

What Happens When I Send My Mold?

1. Incoming Inspection
Upon arrival, CEW’s Advanced Manufacturing Group and our certified quality team will inspect your mold to ensure it arrived safely and good condition. Once our team has received your tool and we have completed our initial incoming review, we will fully inspect the tool, its geometry, and ensure the components are all in good shape.
2. Validation Testing
Once we receive your mold and inspect it, we can proceed with our rigorous, step-by-step validation testing. Depending on your project’s exacting requirements this can involve several types of processing tests to ensure and demonstrate we can produce high-quality parts and meet your product expectations.
3. Production Ready
When our Advance Manufacturing Group’s Validation Processes are finished, we can start to run production. We will plan and run production according to your orders and demand schedule. Our sales team and customer service group team can discuss order details with you at that time.

CEW’s Transfer Mold Services

Your mold… Our experience, expertise, and equipment. That’s a winning combination for your company and for CEW! At CEW, we excited and eager to take your mold and provide that same excellent and efficient service to create your parts in one CEW’s certified facilities. With our ADVANCED MANUFACTURING GROUP’s and state-of-the-art transfer molding services, CEW is poised to provides exactly what you need with the best materials that suit your specific transfer molding parts. It’s that simple, call us or submit our TOOL READY ASSESSMENT form. CEW will expertly assess it, skillfully prepare it, and have your producing your parts in no time.

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