What are The Types of Injection Molding Machines?

Do you know how the plastic products are made in our daily living? Bottle caps, bowls, auto parts, etc. Many of the plastic products that are common in life are injected by injection molding machines. When it comes to injection molding machines, many people should have no idea in their minds. Injection molding machines can manufacture limited to plastic products. In this article, we sort out the common injection molding machines with the different characteristics of different models? Let’s take a look at the following.

What is An Injection Molding Machine?
Injection molding machine is a special machine for manufacturing plastic products. Most injection molding machines are mainly composed of two parts: injection device and clamping unit. The injection unit is responsible for heating the poured plastic pellets to turn them into liquid. The clamping unit is used to carry the mold and provide the force required for closing and clamping the mold. Generally speaking, the injection machine has the advantages of fast processing and economic benefits.

What are The Types of Injection Machines?
There are many types of injection molding machines, which can usually be distinguished by the following methods:

Classification Method 1: Drive Method

Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine

The injection power of the hydraulic injection machine is mainly hydraulic. The characteristic is that the machine is relatively cheap. It can also be used to make larger appliances such as automobile bumpers and multi-piece molds. However, the disadvantage is that the cost of machine production and maintenance is high. Because the hydraulic plastic injection molding machine cannot be idle, it needs to keep running all the time, otherwise the machine may break down; while making plastic components, it is also necessary to control and adjust the temperature of the machine, otherwise it is easy to produce scrap products.

All Electric Injection Molding Machine

Compared with the hydraulic injection machine, the price of the all-electric injection molding machine is higher, but the all-electric injection machine does not need to be in standby mode, nor does it need to adjust the temperature, so the injection molded products are relatively stable and can be more efficient for injection products, the all-electric injection machine does not have a hydraulic system, and there is no risk of liquid leakage in the machine.

Hybrid/Servo Hybrid Injection Molding Machine

The oil-electric compound injection machine has the characteristics of high efficiency and economic benefits. It is a modified model that integrates the advantages of the hydraulic type/all-electric type. It is a plastic injection machine used by many companies now, and it balances the other two advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic presses, there are medium machine costs and energy costs. We all know that when choosing an injection molding machine, energy cost is definitely a major consideration when purchasing. For this, the servo oil-electric injection machine is equipped with a high-precision servo motor to achieve the same cost-effectiveness as the all-electric type. Considering the cost of electricity, the machine table and mold clamping mechanism are also simpler, more accurate and more durable, greatly reducing the cost of maintenance. The servo hybrid type not only has the advantage of cost saving, but also has higher injection and holding pressure than the all-electric type, which is a major breakthrough in the hybrid injection molding machine.

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