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How to Choose a Sports Wheelchair ?

Sep 18, 2015

The growing popularity of wheelchair sports has become a boon for physically challenged people, who wish to showcase their athletic talents. Today, you can find athletes with physical disabilities showcasing their talents in a variety of sports, including:

  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Lacrosse
  • Skiing
  • Off-road biking
  • Racing
  • Watersports

This is due in great part to the sports wheelchair. These chairs are unlike the general wheelchairs used in hospitals or clinics. They are designed specifically to meet the rigors of sporting events, and to aid amateur athletes. Hence, you should use a wheelchair that is right for you and your sport.

Basic Sports Wheelchair Design

As each sport is different, wheelchair manufacturers design specialized products, which can meet particular needs of an individual sport. However, there are a few common aspects that can be found in all sports wheelchairs:

  • They are constructed out of lightweight aluminum, Titanium and composite materials.
  • Generally, these wheelchairs are non-folding, which increase the chair’s solidity.
  • The wheels are designed with a pronounced angle (Chamber). This ensures stability, especially when making sharp turns.

How to Choose a Sports Wheelchair ?

Besides the above mentioned points, there are other factors that need to be taken into consideration when purchasing a sports wheelchair.

  • Seat Height: This is an important point as seat height makes a difference to your balance, comfort, and center of gravity. The seat height is measured from the floor to the seat. The height has to be optimum so that the user’s feet will not drag, or cause problems when mounting or dismounting from the chair.
  • Balance: The chair’s design should ensure that you can move around at decent speeds without losing balance. You should also be able to make sharp turns, and not fall off.
  • Strength: The wheelchair should be strong enough to support you on the court or field. It should be able to take your body weight, while providing enough stability for you to move across a field or court.
  • Safety: The wheelchair should consist of straps, strong arm rests, and enough padding to protect you when you are moving at speed. These features should also protect and prevent you from falling off the chair.

There a few people whose advice you should take in choosing the best wheelchair that will meet your personal and athletic needs. Consider your Doctor, Physical Therapist and Coach when buying a sports wheelchair. These people can suggest the best chair and features that will support your style of playing and improve your game.

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