Custom Engineered Wheels: Precision in Every Press – Tonnage Calculation Insights

In the intricate realm of injection molding, where precision is paramount, we delve into the fundamental concept of tonnage and its role in the molding process. At its core, injection molding involves the strategic injection of molten plastic into a closed mold, with tonnage serving as the force that keeps the mold halves intact during the injection process.

Understanding Tonnage in Injection Molding:

At its most basic level, injection molding requires the application of tonnage, a force that prevents the separation of mold halves during the injection of molten plastic. The pressures exerted during injection are designed to keep the mold closed until the plastic cools to the ejection temperature.

Key Machine Specifications:

When selecting the appropriate molding machine for a specific mold, five crucial plastic-related machine specifications come into play: tonnage, maximum machine shot capacity, maximum available injection pressure, maximum available injection speed, and the maximum settings for barrel temperature. While factors like ensuring the mold fits between the platens are also essential, these considerations go beyond the realm of plastic-related specifications.

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