Custom Engineered Wheels Optimizes Injection Mold Ejection System for Premium Quality Products

Aug 22, 2023

As highlighted by mold core experts in the source content titled “Mold Core,” the ejection system within injection molds holds significant importance, particularly for complex parts that pose challenges during extraction. This system’s design profoundly influences the quality of the end product, making it a critical consideration.

During ejection, friction forces develop between the mold’s steel surface and the polymer surface due to the polymer’s shrinkage onto the mold cores. This friction, particularly pronounced in cases involving deep cores, stems from differences in thermal expansion coefficients between the thermoplastics and steel. The interaction of these forces necessitates meticulous design for efficient part separation.

Factors such as draft angles, core surface finish, plastic material properties, and actuation mechanisms affect ejection efficiency. While smaller draft angles enhance aesthetics and functionality, they elevate ejection forces. Balancing these aspects is crucial for seamless manufacturing.

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