Custom Engineered Wheels: Mastering Efficiency in Injection Molding Design

In the pursuit of enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness, the significance of moldability during the design process cannot be overstated. As highlighted in the article “Five Considerations for Injection Molding Design” by Protolabs, here are five pivotal design-related tips emphasized to ensure molded parts meet ideal specifications.

Ensuring uniform wall thickness in part geometry is a key consideration for even cooling and hardening. While achieving absolute uniformity may not always be feasible, adhering to minimum thickness requirements avoids issues like cracking, warping, and incomplete filling. Striking a balance is crucial, as overly thick walls can lead to sink, warp, and porosity. Consulting material-specific guidelines for optimal wall thickness is advised.

Incorporating slight angles or draft in part design is a best practice to facilitate easy ejection from the mold without causing strain or damage. Recommending at least 1 degree of draft for molded parts, considering factors such as wall thickness and material choice, ensures a smooth process. Guidelines for draft on injection-molded parts can be found on Protolab’s website.

Emphasizing the avoidance of unnecessary sharp corners in injection molding part design is crucial. Liquid resin naturally flows within organic shapes, making radii essential to ensure even cooling and clean ejection from the mold. The significance of bend radii is highlighted in creating strong, high-quality, and cost-effective parts.

The article also addresses gate and pin placement, emphasizing the necessity of designed gates for resin flow and strategically positioning ejector pins to minimize impact on the part. Underscoring the importance of considering the non-show side for ejector pin placement, a meticulous approach based on part geometry is crucial.

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