Custom Engineered Wheels: Achieving Process Stability in Injection Molding

In the article “The Troubleshooter: Key Steps for a Stable Injection Molding Process,” published on Plastics Today, Custom Engineered Wheels delves into the critical aspects of achieving process stability in the realm of plastic injection systems. Acknowledging that the success or failure of an injection system is contingent on the efficacy of its processes, the article emphasizes the necessity of solid processes operating at peak efficiency, with minimal scrap, to ensure plant profitability.

One of the pivotal phases of process development highlighted is the standard setup, involving mold and work area configuration. Consistency and repeatability are paramount, and Custom Engineered Wheels recommends establishing a uniform, well-documented method for mold-to-mold changeovers, eliminating human error and inconsistencies in the setup process.

The article also underscores the significance of clamp and ejector setup in process development, emphasizing the need for low-pressure close to safeguard the mold, optimizing clamp speeds, and ensuring ejectors’ fast operation without impacting mold longevity.

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