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Lightweight Material Handling Wheels

The lightweight material handling wheels developed at Custom Engineered Wheels are used in a wide range of applications.

In such applications, users operate material handling equipment to push, pull, or lift products. The wheels of such applications help in reducing this effort by offering the right amount of movement and momentum.

The right wheels can do so much more. They can reduce effort to a greater extent and ensure sturdiness and safety. Hand truck wheels are the perfect example of this beneficial feature.

Lightweight Material Handling Applications

Some common lightweight material handling applications include:

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  • X-10 Spoke X-10 Spoke
  • Lightweight Material Handling Lightweight Material Handling
  • Lightweight Material Handling Lightweight Material Handling


  • Hand Trucks (Dollies)
  • Carts
  • Wagons
  • Trailers

Why Us ?

The strength required to move a particular weight from one place to another can be greatly reduced by adding wheels to the application. Our dolly wheels, cart wheels, flat-free hand truck tires, etc. are designed keeping in mind the functional use of the end application and is perfected to enhance user experience. Some of the advantages of integrating our wheels with your application are:

  1. By using the right type of wheels for your lightweight material handling applications, you can increase the efficiency of your staff.
  2. Our wheels distribute the weight equally requiring very little effort and maneuverability.
  3. They also offer some level of shock absorption helping in navigating through different types of terrain.
  4. CEW offers high quality wheels, which are extremely sturdy. Hence, the risk associated with application failure is greatly reduced. This not only keeps your employees injury-free but also your lightweight cargo safe.
  5. Our wheels are perfect for use whether you’re handling heavy equipment or delicate objects. They offer the same amount of benefits to the user and equal safety to the product being transported.

From supporting industrial and commercial industries to lightweight material handling applications, CEW’s solutions ensure reliable performance.

Our products are thoroughly tested for added security. When collaborating with CEW, the leading custom flat-free hand truck wheel manufacturer, you can rest assured of a hassle-free experience, not only during the design and manufacturing phase but also during the operational life of the product.

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