New Product Introduction

Customer was launching their own walk behind mower line. Knowing CEW is the leader and already a supplier, they reached out to us for help. They knew what they wanted the wheel to look like to get the marketing “feel” they desired, but needed assistance in finalizing a design that functioned economically. CEW was provided rough models with the overall size and outward cosmetics for the product and went to work. Our decades of experience and cost savings efforts position us perfectly to put the best value into the product upfront. Our engineering team worked on the various versions of the wheels to optimize them for manufacturing and performance while still maintaining the cosmetics desired by their marketing team. Various iterations were provided to allow the customer to make the final selection on looks, performance and overall cost. This product is a testament to the Value Creation that partnering with CEW allows large OEM’s to realize, even when they have full engineering teams of their own. Our decades of experience adds specific value and shortens the timeframe for development that others struggle to provide.


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