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X-CoreTM 24ʺ 6-Spoke Carbon Fiber Wheel for Wheelchairs

Custom Engineered Wheels Inc. (CEW) utilizes cutting edge materials, designs, and manufacturing processes to produce carbon fiber wheels.

These wheels are integrated with our patented Aero-Flex™ solid tires, which don’t need to be filled with air.

The non-pneumatic feature ensures they never get flat and require next to no maintenance.

The different materials and technologies make these wheels up to 2 lbs lighter than conventional alloy mag wheels.

Integrated Aero-Flex™ Tire Details

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The X-CoreTM 24ʺ 6-Spoke carbon fiber wheel is integrated with an Aero-Flex™ microcellular polyurethane tire, which features herringbone and street tread. The patented technology used to manufacture the Aero-Flex™ tires makes them lighter than normal tires and much more durable.

The material used is a proprietary blend of microcellular urethane and rubber composite material, which is resistant to most chemicals. it also shows minimal signs of wear and tear, thus increasing the life of the wheel. The durable design and polyurethane material provide high levels of shock absorption. This ensures lower transmission of vibrations and enhanced comfort.

X-CoreTM 24ʺ 6-Spoke Carbon Fiber Wheel Design

The tires feature exclusive composite hook-bead rim locks tires to prevent roll-offs. The integrated rim and hub translate into fewer parts to maintain. The wide surface design of the wheel makes cleaning and grabbing the wheels off the chair much easier and uncomplicated as compared to wire spoke wheels.

Carbon Fiber Wheel Production Process

We use a specially formulated process known as lost core molding to manufacture our carbon fiber composite wheels. The wheels manufactured using this process are extremely sturdy and lightweight with unrivaled performance.

The custom capabilities at Custom Engineered Wheels Inc. are incomparable. We welcome custom requirements and product or design related problems. Our enthusiastic and proficient team of engineers and designers are always looking for challenges that are deemed ‘impossible’. Feel free to get in touch with us for generic or custom requirements.

X-CORETM 24ʺ 6-Spoke Carbon Fiber Wheel Specifications
Wheel Size24ʺ x 1ʺ
Wheel MaterialFiber Reinforce Composite
Tire CompatibilityAERO-FLEX™ – High Performance Microcellular Polyurethane Tire with Herringbone and Street Tread (Solid No Flat Tire)
Load Limit350 lbs
Rim DetailAnti-Roll-Off Design
Handrim MaterialComposite
Axle Diameter1/2ʺ and 12 mm
Axle Width2.08ʺ (52.82 mm)
Wheel WeightTotal Weight Including Wheel and Bearings (Without Tire & Handrim): 4.03 lbs
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