.Ensuring Safety and Reliability: Product Testing and Validation
Custom Wheels


In-house Testing and Validation

CEW’s products offer unparalleled performance. Our design, production, and testing processes ensure that the products meet strict safety standards.

We focus on user experience, safety, and performance. Whether we are developing a new standard wheel or a custom plastic wheel, all our products undergo rigorous testing and validation procedures.

Testing at CEW

At CEW, we perform the following tests to ensure that all our products operate at peak performance during their long service life:

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  • Testing Lab CloseIp - CEW Inc. Testing Lab CloseIp - CEW Inc.
  • Lab Force Test at CEW Inc. Lab Force Test at CEW Inc.
  • CEW Labpicture CEW Labpicture
  1. Rolling Drum Test
  2. Tension/Compression Force Analysis
  3. Side Impact
  4. Drop Testing
  5. Static Load
  6. Circle Track
  7. Coefficient of Friction
  8. Torque
  9. Push/Pull Out

Testing & Validation

We use in-house testing instruments and equipment to check the quality and performance of each product that is developed in our production facility. Our concept validation process includes performance verification for a variety of characteristics.

In our testing processes, we evaluate new materials and manufacturing processes to ensure maximum output. We reverse engineer products to develop ways to enhance their performance. Our equipment, software, processes, and personnel ensure consistent results. These testing processes provide a basis of reliability, safety, strength, and value our customers have come to rely on.

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