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Engineering is at its best at CEW. Over the years, we have established a strong niche in the market as a trusted source for custom tires and wheels.

We achieve this thanks to the unparalleled support of our engineering team that assists us from the initial conceptualization and designing phases till the completion of the project.

They pay close attention to customers’ requirements and are committed to deliver wheels and tires that comply with the highest quality and safety standards.

With unmatched engineering capabilities, we have been able to continually provide high quality customized wheels in quick turnaround time and at reasonable prices.

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  • 25 inch 3 spoke-12-18 -350 lbs 25 inch 3 spoke-12-18 -350 lbs
  • 10 inch RRC wheel FEA with axle 10 inch RRC wheel FEA with axle
  • custom-wheels custom-wheels

Be it a prototyping, or small to large orders, we ensure on time delivery, whilst adhering to stringent technical specifications.

CEW’s Custom Engineering Process

The following steps define our engineering process:

  1. Product Design

In the initial step, we discuss the client’ requirements and get a complete understanding of the expectations.  We determine the specific structural, aesthetic, performance, environmental, and economic parameters that need to be met. Using our in-house Computer Aided Design (CAD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA) technology and expertise, we create a design concept that integrates with your new or re-engineered product.

  1. Prototypes

We pride ourselves in our ability to develop prototypes in quick turnaround time. We produce accurate prototypes with careful attention to aesthetics as well as functional requirements. All our prototypes undergo rigorous testing procedures before being submitted to the customer.  Prototypes can come from single cavity Protomold’s or 3D printed SLA’s.

  1. Tooling

CEW holds an important place in the wheel manufacturing and design industry. The key to this lies in our proprietary manufacturing process, which starts with proper tooling and mold design. Before the tooling design begins, we review volume, aesthetics, product life cycle, price sensitivity, wheel structure, and process repeatability. We use a systematic and disciplined approach – and then we create the tooling to meet each customer’s needs with precision.

  1. Production

We employ Statistical Process Control (SPC) techniques to monitor product quality and to identify non-conformities before they take place.  Rigorously scheduled preventative maintenance minimizes machine downtime. To assure that shipping requirements are met, our customer service department is in continuous contact with scheduling, production and shipping.

Decades of Engineering and Design Expertise

With outstanding engineering and design excellence, CEW offers precision made wheels and tires developed for applications in the most challenging environments. The continual research and development with the support of our engineering team allows us to regularly upgrade the product line keeping pace with the technology.

CEW’s Engineering Capabilities at a Glance

We have been successfully catering to the requirements of demanding OEM customers for years. Our engineering excellence is a key contributor, helping us grow at a faster rate. Below listed are our engineering capabilities.

  • 90+ years of experience in all phases of wheel and tire production.
  • Experience in providing superior technical guidance and support to customers.
  • Engineer-to-engineer collaborations with customers.
  • Expertise in providing specific designs based on several parameters, including budget and application areas.
  • Sound knowledge of CAD and FEA software.
  • Expertise in tooling and tooling insert design.

A Wide Range of Innovative Products Right for your Applications

The support of our skilled engineering team is the reason why we constantly hit the market with new and innovative products. We have been maintaining the reputation of our products and services since inception till now; and our engineering capabilities play a big role in it.

CEW offers custom wheels for a variety of industries and end users. Every order is treated with the same importance, helping us ensure quality service and products that stand out in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

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