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CEW is a leading provider of AERO-FLEX® PU tires featuring exceptional shock absorbing qualities and unsurpassed durability. These micro cellular polyurethane (PU) tires are exclusively designed to provide a cushioned ride, making them ideal for wheelchairs and other applications. The secret is in the structure of the material. Thousands of microscopic, honeycomb-like cells are formed by a matrix of tough urethane elastomer. These tiny cells make CEW’s tires lightweight and flexible, allowing them to compress and conform to road obstacles just like air-inflated tires.
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How to install a solid tire

Because these cells rely on structure and not air pressure for load support, they cannot leak or go flat, and never have to be pumped up or repaired. Hence, they are known as flat free polyurethane tires.
AERO-FLEX® PU Tires Specifications
Wheel Material Aeroflex Polyurethane
Description No flat Snap-on PU tires
Available Sizes: 3ʺ - 24"
Available Colors: Black Charcoal Grey Light Grey Others upon request
Tread patterns: Smooth Multi-Ribbed 2-rib Knobby Street All Terrain Lug Chevron Touring Turbo
Sizes (3-8") PU Tires 3x1 4x1 4.3x1 5x1 5x1.25 5x1.5 6x1 6x1.25 7x1 7.5x1 7.5x1.6 8x1 8x1.25 8x1.5
Sizes (10-12") PU Tires 10x2 10.5x1.5 11.5x1.5 12.5x2.25 12x2
Sizes (14-19") Aeroflex PU Tires 14.5x1.5 14x3 16x1.75 18x1.75 19x2.75
Sizes (20") PU Tires 20x1 20x1.375 20x1.5 20x1.75 20x2.125
Sizes (22") PU Tires 22x1 22x1.25 22x1.375
Sizes (24") PU Tires 24x0.875 24x1 24x1.25 24x1.375

Understand AERO-FLEX® Composite Material

At CEW, we use the AERO-FLEX® formulation to produce microcellular custom polyurethane flat free tires. This compound is produced with a mixture of our proprietary microcellular urethane and composite rubber material. The AERO-FLEX® compound enhances the road grip and adhesion by combining the traction of tread rubber with superior wear and lightweight properties of our patented microcellular urethane material.

Why PU Tires?

Nails, shards, or broken piece of glass may pose a threat to tires. Also, most rubber tires are prone to damage if they are out of use for a while. However, micro cellular polyurethane flat free tires are an exception to this. They are robustly constructed to withstand rough flooring conditions containing all sorts of external hazards. Also, their performance is not affected even after a long period of inactivity. There are several other reasons to choose AERO-FLEX® PU flat proof tires. These include:
  • They possess lower rolling resistance.
  • They have excellent load bearing capacity.
  • They possess outstanding overall toughness; hence these tires last 2-3 times than standard rubber tires. Compared to rubber tires, AERO-FLEX® PU tires can withstand rough floor conditions consisting of debris.
  • They possess exceptional wear and abrasion resistance.
  • They exhibit outstanding resistance to cutting and tearing.

High Performance PU Tires

Since 1976, CEW has been supplying micro-cellular polyurethane tires to varied sectors of medical, manufacturing, and industrial markets. As the most trusted custom flat free tires manufacturer, we strive to provide innovative and high preforming AERO-FLEX® PU tires. We possess a perfect combination of outstanding engineering knowledge, impeccable manufacturing technique, quality tested raw materials, and advanced fabrication equipment to promptly manufacture and supply tires that match customers’ expectations.
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