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Power Wheelchair Wheels

CEW manufactures a wide variety of shock absorbing power chair tires and wheel assemblies for many of the leading OEMs in the personal mobility market and medical industry.

These heavy duty power chair wheels meet or exceed the roll-off and durability specifications of the top wheelchair manufacturers.

Power Chair Wheels – Exhibit Easy Maneuverability, and Outstanding Abrasion Resistance

At CEW, custom power wheelchair wheels are manufactured using our patented SHOX® compound. This proprietary compound forms a  microcellular flexible foam structure that is tough, lightweight and long-wearing.

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The use of SHOX® compound results in producing power caster assemblies that are superior to conventional tires in terms of performance, efficiency, and durability.

Features of Power Chair Wheels

Over the years, flat free power wheelchair wheels have largely replaced conventional pneumatic tires in several demanding applications. They are popular due to their superior attributes.

  • Variable Density

Centrifugal force created by the spinning mold produces a variable density tire, creating a tread area that is significantly denser and stiffer than the side wall. The result is a tire that performs like a belted radial ply tire. The stiff tread provides less rolling resistance and more wear, while the softer sidewall offers flexibility and better ride comfort.

  • Shock Distribution

Because of the unique features created by the honeycomb cell structure, shock is distributed throughout the tire. Unlike conventional solid tires that produce bone jarring rides, the shock energy is transferred from cell to cell, much like the ripples in a pond. The result is superior shock absorption and a smooth ride.

The following are some other features of CEW’s custom power wheelchair wheels that make them a popular choice for applications in personal mobility market and medical industry.

  • Zero maintenance
  • Wears 2-3 times slower than rubber tires
  • Easy to install
  • Produced from latex-free compounds; hence environmentally sustainable
  • Low rolling resistance

CEW Power Wheelchair Wheels Perform the Best!

We utilize state of the art manufacturing techniques to produce innovative custom and replacement wheels for power chairs that stand the test of time. At CEW, we strive to maintain a high level of quality, while delivering products within stipulated timeframes. We possess vast knowledge and experienced engineers who contribute in providing quality wheel solutions.

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