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Performance and Value with CEW Manual Wheelchair Wheels

The wheels used in manual wheelchairs are critical to the overall user experience. You should never compromise in this area and thanks to CEW’s products, you don’t have to.

The front and back wheelchair wheels need to be perfectly compatible to ensure a superlative experience.

Custom Engineered Wheels is the leading manual wheelchair wheel manufacturer utilizing the best quality materials and technologically advanced machinery to manufacture these products.

Reliable, durable, and high performing are just some of the words used to describe our wheels.

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  • Manual Wheelchair Wheels Manual Wheelchair Wheels
  • Manual Wheelchair Wheels Manual Wheelchair Wheels
  • Manual Wheelchair Wheels Manual Wheelchair Wheels

Types of Manual Wheelchair Wheels

  1. 1. Front Wheels: Caster WheelsThe front wheels are designed for maximum control. They are anti-skid in nature and can be used on rough or wet terrain. We provide two options of caster wheels:
    • Shox® Caster Wheels. Precision-manufactured, Shox®caster wheels ensure the smoothest ride possible. These wheel assemblies feature heavy duty aluminium or high density polyethylene hubs coupled with solid polyurethane tire. Together, the hub and tire form a powerful caster wheel assembly.
    • Our standard Manual Caster Wheel Assemblies are durable and provide high levels of shock absorption. These assemblies are comprised of polyurethane tires that are fit around hollow spoke composite caster wheels using precision ball bearings for a smooth and comfortable ride.
    1. 2. Back Wheels : Lightweight Composite Wheels

Known as X-Core® Wheels, these high performance wheelchair wheels are manufactured using the lost core molding process. Weather it’s a carbon fiber or fiber reinforced composite, the strength, durability, and performance of these wheels are unparalleled.  For more basic rear wheelchair wheel needs we have the ability to customize a plastic injection molded wheel assembly to fit your needs.

These wheels can be used along with Shox®solid tires or Aeroflex® PU tires, which do not require any maintenance or air. These flat free tires can be used on rough terrain as well as wet surfaces.  There are compatible pneumatic tire options available upon request.

With perfect compatibility of front and back wheels, the result are second to none. These wheels are long-lasting, low maintenance, sturdy, and provide superior shock absorption.

If you’re building your own custom wheelchair or are looking to find wheelchair wheel replacement, CEW is the one-stop solution for you. If you want a custom wheelchair wheel and need design assistance, please contact us, or click here to kick start your project!

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