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Empowering Motion: How CEW’s X-CORE® 6-Spoke Wheels Revolutionized Wheelchair Accessibility and Sports for Differently-Abled Students

Summary: CEW crafted a transformative solution for differently-abled students through its X-CORE® 6-Spoke Wheels. Developed with the unique Lostcore Molding process, the wheels are a single-piece design, virtually maintenance-free, and outfitted with CEW’s patented, non-pneumatic SHOXTM and AEROFLEX™ polyurethane tires. As a result, these wheels have revolutionized the wheelchair experience for students by providing exceptional stability, eliminating the worry of flats, and enhancing maneuverability during physical education and sports activities.

Industry: Medical & Mobility
Category: Custom Wheel Assembly for Wheelchairs and Adaptive Sports
Processes: Lostcore Molding, Composite Material Integration

Schools and organizations were grappling with the limitations of conventional wheelchair wheels, particularly for differently-abled students engaged in physical education and sports activities like wheelchair basketball. Standard wheels often required frequent maintenance and were prone to flats, creating obstacles for students who wanted to fully participate in a range of activities. Moreover, these wheels did not provide the required levels of stability and maneuverability, which impacted the confidence and performance of the students.

CEW utilized its pioneering Lostcore Molding technology to manufacture the innovative X-CORE® 6-Spoke Wheel, specifically designed for everyday wheelchair users and sports applications. This unique process fused high-strength composite materials like carbon fiber and Prime glass-filled nylons into a single piece, eliminating the need for screws, nuts, or bolts. This made the X-CORE® Wheels virtually maintenance-free while maintaining a sleek appearance.

To further bolster performance, the wheels were fitted with CEW’s patented SHOXTM and AEROFLEX™ polyurethane tires. These tires are non-pneumatic, thus eradicating the problem of flats, and were engineered to provide remarkable stability and maneuverability.

The X-CORE® Wheels have been a breakthrough in providing stable, maintenance-free mobility solutions for differently-abled students. The Lostcore Molding process utilized multiple composite materials to create a single-piece design without any screws, nuts, or bolts, making the wheels virtually maintenance-free. Additionally, the non-pneumatic SHOXTM and AEROFLEX™ polyurethane tires have ensured that the wheels are impervious to flats. The design has allowed wheelchair users and students to actively participate in physical education programs with increased stability and maneuverability.


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