Pedaling Through the Pandemic: How CEW’s Quick Turnaround and High-Quality Frames Fueled the Global Bicycle Surge

Summary: During a global biking surge amid the pandemic, CEW rose to the occasion by manufacturing high-performance, lightweight rear bike frames for a leading eco-friendly bicycle manufacturer. Utilizing its patented Lost Core system and leveraging 40 years of experience, CEW managed to cut the lead time down to less than 10 days. The project was a success, meeting strict quality standards and allowing CEW to contribute to stress reduction and healthy recreation during trying times.

Industry: Bicycles
Category: Custom Bicycle Bicycle Frame Manufacturing
Processes: Lost Core System, Streamlined Production Processes

The onset of the pandemic led to an unprecedented global surge in bicycling as millions were confined to their homes. This skyrocketing demand left bicycle manufacturers, including eco-friendly brands, scrambling to restock depleted inventory. CEW, renowned for its Skyway bicycle wheel brand, was approached by one of the top eco-friendly bicycle manufacturers with a challenging task: to manufacture the rear part of a bike frame. The project had a stringent deadline, high-performance requirements, and called for top-tier quality.

CEW harnessed its 40 years of experience and patented Lost Core system to meet these challenges head-on. The Lost Core system, typically reserved for military and aerospace-grade products, was perfectly suited to manufacture high-strength, lightweight, hollow-core bike frames. CEW’s efficient processes cut the lead time down to less than 10 days, an accomplishment unmatched by any company outside America. As an ISO 9001 certified company, CEW ensured top-notch quality and delivered the project defect-free and on time.

CEW’s ability to meet the tight deadline and high-quality requirements led to the successful introduction of these eco-friendly bike frames in the European market. The reduced lead time of less than 10 days allowed CEW to meet the skyrocketing consumer demand swiftly. The project was completed on time and with no defects, reinforcing CEW’s reputation for excellence.

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