Rolling into Reshoring: How CEW’s Local Production Transformed a Cooler Manufacturer’s Costs and Environmental Footprint

Summary: CEW successfully partnered with a prominent cooler manufacturer to reshore Polyurethane Wheel Assembly production to North America, providing substantial cost savings and reducing supply chain length by over 9,000 miles. In addition, CEW’s local production positively impacted the client’s ESG performance by reducing freight and employing cleaner manufacturing processes. During the transition, CEW also suggested cosmetic changes to the product, offering extra value at no added cost.

Industry: Industrial & Commercial
Category: Reshoring Polyurethane Wheel Assembly Manufacturing
Processes: Local Manufacturing, Cost-Saving Measures, ESG-Friendly Processes

A well-known cooler manufacturer aimed to reshore production to North America and sought CEW’s expertise in manufacturing Polyurethane Wheel Assemblies. Initially, the client’s primary goal was to duplicate an existing Asian-supplied product while surpassing the cost-effectiveness of Asian pricing.

CEW took up the challenge and successfully met the client’s needs. Not only did they match the Asian product in quality, but they also offered significant cost savings. Moreover, CEW reduced the supply chain by over 9,000 miles. During the manufacturing process, CEW suggested—and the client accepted—“tweaks” to the cosmetic aspects of the product at no additional cost. Additionally, CEW’s local manufacturing processes further elevated the customer’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance by reducing freight and utilizing cleaner manufacturing processes.

Through CEW’s local production, the client achieved significant financial benefits along with a substantial reduction in their supply chain. The move slashed transportation distance by over 9,000 miles, considerably boosting the customer’s ESG metrics. Moreover, CEW’s initiative allowed the client to make cosmetic enhancements to the product without any added cost, thereby offering additional value.

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