Motivo Tour Walker Wheels

Rolling Back to Mobility: How CEW Customized Zero-Maintenance Wheels Revitalized Motivo’s Tour Walkers

Summary: CEW leveraged its Polyurethane and Injection Molding capabilities to address the critical wheel-related challenges faced by Motivo’s Tour Walkers. By designing a custom 8×1 wheel assembly featuring a zero-maintenance microcellular polyurethane tire, CEW significantly reduced both degradation and maintenance issues. The result was a marked improvement in product durability and customer satisfaction, reflected in higher sales and lower returns for Motivo.

Industry: Medical & Mobility
Category: Custom Wheel Assembly for Mobility Equipment
Processes: Polyurethane and Injection Molding, Centrifugal Casting

Motivo, a leading provider of medical and mobility equipment, was facing significant challenges with their Tour Walker product line. The walker, primarily designed for senior citizens, was struggling with issues of wheel durability, surface adaptability, and high maintenance costs. Feedback from customers indicated that although the walker frame was robust, the wheels quickly degraded when used on uneven or rugged surfaces. The wear and tear not only increased maintenance requirements but also raised safety concerns.

CEW stepped in with its extensive expertise in wheel technology, specifically Polyurethane and Injection Molding capabilities, to provide a game-changing solution. After careful assessment, CEW custom-designed an 8×1 wheel assembly tailored to Motivo’s unique requirements. Using the Polyurethane and Injection Molding process, CEW was able to produce a wheel with a microcellular polyurethane tire through centrifugal casting.

This wheel assembly was not only light and easy to roll but also boasted of long-lasting durability and zero maintenance. Designed to provide support and stability, the new wheels enabled smooth walking experience on multiple types of surfaces.

After the integration of CEW’s customized wheel assembly into Motivo’s Tour Walkers, the new wheels have significantly enhanced the lives of users. The wheel assembly, featuring microcellular polyurethane tires and zero-maintenance design, has provided end-users with a “worry-free” experience. Specifically tailored for stability and support, the wheels are long-lasting and capable of functioning effectively on multiple types of surfaces. Together, the walker and the wheel have helped aged individuals regain their mobility by offering them a comfortable, ergonomic experience.

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