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New Product Introduction

Oct 17, 2022

Customer was launching their own walk behind mower line. Knowing CEW is the leader and already a supplier, they reached out to us for help. They knew what they wanted the wheel to look like to get the marketing "feel" they desired, but needed assistance in finalizing a design that functioned economically. CEW was provided rough models with the overall size and outward cosmetics for the product and went to work. Our decades of experience and cost savings efforts position us perfectly to put the best value into the product upfront. Our engineering team worked on the various versions of... Read More

Full Design & Production Support

Sep 17, 2022

A large outdoor commercial equipment OEM approached CEW to completely design a no flat wheel assembly to match their available space envelope and gear interface requirements for brand new equipment being launched into the market. CEW provided multiple iterations to customer so they could chose the cosmetics that best matched their overall unit. This as a no flat wheel system that provided the durable and reliability required by commercial equipment operators. Performance and preventing downtime are critical to their bottom line. CEW was able to meet required cost targets and navigate the global supply issues to deliver this product on... Read More

REHACARE Show in Dusseldorf Germany 9-14-22

Sep 14, 2022

The REHACARE International Trade Show is where CEW displayed our existing line of product and introduced the "D-Flex" suspension caster system to the world. While we are always excited to see many of our international customers face to face, CEW is also interested to hear about the struggles other OEM's are experiencing because we know in many times we can provide the solution.   D-Flex is a Patent Pending design that provides incredible ride quality and vibration dampening without increasing rolling resistance all in the normal size envelope of a typical front caster wheel. The vibration dampening qualities of this... Read More

Global Supply Chain Reshoring Efforts

Aug 17, 2022

A well known cooler manufacturer approached CEW about manufacturing Polyurethane Wheel Assemblies for their product in North America as they work to re-shore production. In this specific application, they originally asked that we just duplicate an Asian supplied product, with the goal of beating Asian pricing. We were able to do so and provide them significant cost savings, while still shortening supply chains by over 9,000 miles. While the process started we suggested and the customer took advantage of the time to "tweak" the cosmetics of the product at no extra cost. The financial and environmental impact for the customer... Read More

Bringing Value to Reshoring Efforts

Aug 17, 2022

As the leader in the industry, CEW was approached to manufacture a wheel in NA that was currently being made in Asia as OEM was reshoring full unit production to meet demands of the market. Once designs were shared on current product, CEW immediately went to work. We quoted them exactly what they were making currently, but at the same time showed them what our decades of experience could provide for this exact application. We provide updated designs that kept the looks exactly as the customer had currently, but reduced overall cost by ~15% by application of our experience. Not... Read More

Skyway Wheels Fly off Shelves Thanks to COVID19

Jan 19, 2022

During the first several months of the pandemic, millions of people were forced to stay home. Looking for ways to stay active, bicycling became one of the most popular forms of recreation around the world. This new hobby left store shelves and bike shops critically low of inventory. Cities were even closing streets to make way for this surge.  This surge caused CEW to have to work around the clock to meet the demand of their famous Skyway bicycle wheel brand, and at the height of the demand, CEW was approached by one of the top eco-friendly bicycle manufacturers to... Read More

Sports Wheelchairs Get a Makeover with CEW’s Maintenance-free X-CORE® 6 Spoke Wheel

Aug 17, 2017
6 Spoke wheels

CEW has developed special wheels that attend to the needs of differently abled students. Known as the X-CORE® 6-Spoke Wheel, it has been developed for every day wheelchair users as well as some sport applications, like basketball wheelchairs. These wheels are manufactured using a process called Lostcore Molding, a unique process developed by CEW that make the best composite wheelchair wheels in the market. This process utilizes several composite materials like carbon fiber and Prime glass filled nylons, high strength materials that manufacture these wheels into a single piece without any screws, nuts, or bolts. This makes the X-Core® Wheels... Read More

CEW Creates One-of-a-Kind Wheel Assembly for New Motivo Tour Walker

Aug 17, 2017
Motivo Tour Walker Wheels

CEW has extended the benefits of its Polyurethane and Injection Molding capabilities to many products and custom wheel assembly offerings. They have incorporated this technology in Motivo’s Tour Walkers as well. The wheel assemblies manufactured by CEW have been custom built according to the unique requirements of Motivo’s Tour Walkers. Developed with the help of the Polyurethane and Injection Molding process, the 8×1 wheel assembly features a very light, easy to roll, long lasting and “0" maintenance.  The microcellular polyurethane tire is manufactured using centrifugal casting. This wheel assembly is designed to provide support and stability when walking. It is a... Read More

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