6 Spoke wheels

Sports Wheelchairs Get a Makeover with CEW’s Maintenance-free X-CORE® 6 Spoke Wheel

CEW has developed special wheels that attend to the needs of differently abled students. Known as the X-CORE® 6-Spoke Wheel, it has been developed for every day wheelchair users as well as some sport applications, like basketball wheelchairs. These wheels are manufactured using a process called Lostcore Molding, a unique process developed by CEW that make the best composite wheelchair wheels in the market. This process utilizes several composite materials like carbon fiber and Prime glass filled nylons, high strength materials that manufacture these wheels into a single piece without any screws, nuts, or bolts. This makes the X-Core® Wheels virtually maintenance free with a sleek appearance like NO other wheels.

The X-CORE Wheels are fitted with CEW patented SHOXTM and AEROFLEX polyurethane tires, which are non-pneumatic, meaning no flats! The wheels and tires are designed to provide immense amounts of stability and maneuverability to wheelchair users and students participating in various physical education programs conducted in schools and other organizations. It’s no wonder that CEW is the leading manufacturer of high performance composite wheels.


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