Skyway Wheels Fly off Shelves Thanks to COVID19

During the first several months of the pandemic, millions of people were forced to stay home. Looking for ways to stay active, bicycling became one of the most popular forms of recreation around the world. This new hobby left store shelves and bike shops critically low of inventory. Cities were even closing streets to make way for this surge. 

This surge caused CEW to have to work around the clock to meet the demand of their famous Skyway bicycle wheel brand, and at the height of the demand, CEW was approached by one of the top eco-friendly bicycle manufacturers to make the rear part of a bike frame. We were uniquely qualified to produce this part for a few reasons.

The project called for a tight deadline that was hard for any company to match. CEW has streamlined their processes over their 40 years of experience and was able to cut their lead time down to less than 10 days. No other company outside America has ever been able to match our lead times. 

Another unique challenge was that the bike frame had to be of high-performance – both lightweight and high-strength. Our patented Lost Core system, generally reserved to military and aerospace grade products, was perfect for this job since it produces a strong, hollow-core product.

Quality was also a concern for this project, but since CEW is an ISO 9001 certified company with a culture dedicated to excellence, we were able to deliver this project on-time and with no defects. 

This eco-friendly project was a success allowing CEW’s frames to be available in the European market. CEW was able to meet the consumer demand and was happy to be able to help everyone reduce stress and enjoy peaceful bike rides during these difficult times.


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