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X-CORE™ Carbon Fiber Wheelchair Wheels – But Why?

Sep 24, 2015

In recent times, carbon fiber has gained a lot of prominence. Especially in the automotive and bicycle industry, it has led to the invention of several breakthrough products. It was only natural for this brilliant material to be used on wheelchair wheels. These wheels have been engineered keeping in mind the needs of wheelchair users. X-CORE™ Carbon fiber wheelchair wheels offer an improved experience combined with long lasting sturdy features.

Why Opt for X-CORE ™ Carbon Fiber Wheels?

Carbon fiber has proved to be a super material. However, should you opt for it? Is it for YOU? Well, let’s find out.

  1. It is extremely lightweight. This material helps reduce the overall weight of the wheelchair, allowing for better navigation and maneuvering.
  2. Carbon fiber is very sturdy. It is one of the strongest materials available in the market. The strength and weight united provide brilliant results. Since this material lasts longer than others do, the overall cost of the product is lesser. Consider the amount of money spent on repairing, maintaining, and replacing regular wheels and carbon fiber wheels. With next to no maintenance cost, X-CORE™ carbon fiber wheelchair wheels are one of the most cost-friendly options.
  3. The wheels and tires together decide how smooth your ride is going to be. Carbon fiber provides sturdy support to tires (high pressure and Solid). Hence, they ensure that you have a smoother ride.
  4. These wheels improve on the current product by providing users with a superior experience. The newer materials offer more benefits like increased strength, durability, etc.

X-CORE™ Carbon fiber wheelchair wheels help in providing a smoother, more reliable ride for the especially abled. This material provides several benefits in terms of operation and comfort. For example these wheels look nicer, are easy to clean and easy to grab and remove from the chair. Some people call them their “Saturday Night” wheels.

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