What is Polyurethane?

We use polyurethanes in one form or another every day – at home, in our offices and cars, for sport and leisure activities and on holiday.

Polyurethanes are versatile, modern and safe. They are used in a wide variety of applications to create all manner of consumer and industrial products that play a crucial role in making our lives more convenient, comfortable and environmentally friendly.

Polyurethane is a plastic material, which exists in various forms. It can be tailored to be either rigid or flexible, and is the material of choice for a broad range of end-user applications such as:

  • insulation of refrigerators and freezers
  • building insulation
  • cushioning for furniture
  • mattresses
  • car parts
  • coatings
  • adhesives
  • rollers and tyres
  • composite wood panels
  • shoe soles
  • sportswear

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