What are the Male Mold and Female Mold?

A pair of molds is composed of an upper mold and a lower mold. The male die is a concave die, also known as the upper die. The design of the male mold is very important, and the structural characteristics of the female mold itself change with the structure of the product and the processing method of the mold, which is flexible.

What are the Male and Female Molds in the Mold Industry?
The mold is divided into the male mold and female mold according to the concave and convex. The mold is generally made of 2-3 parts. The concave half is called the female mold, and the protruding half is called the male mold. Both the punch and the die are used for forming. The die is generally a die base, which is placed under the product to be formed to avoid product movement. Move the weight and keep the strike force in the same direction as the mold centerline.

The role of punch and die is the main part of stamping processing. The punch and die are processed into the desired shape, and the sheet is to be processed on the punch. It is punched into the hole of the die through the punch, leaked, or ejected from the die. A required part is machined. The role of the punch and die is to play two roles, one is that the hole is used as a die, and the shape is used as a punch. The simplest part is a washer, which is punched out at one time. Corresponding to it is to have a punch and a concave.

What is the Master Template in the Mold?
There are two boards directly related to the part from which the product is formed. There are many common names for these two boards: A (female mold/cavity) board, and B (male mold/core) board. In general, the master template refers to the appearance of the molded product. The male template is inside the molded product.

What is the Difference Between Male and Female Molds?
Because most of the molds are divided into two parts, and the two pieces can fit together, there are male molds and female molds. The male mold and female mold in the mold are named according to the shape of the mold. The male mold is convex and the female mold is concave. The male and female are matched together to form a mold.

There is no fixed definition of public mold and female mold. Only the generally more fixed, concave mold is called the master mold. The one with larger activity and more protruding is called the male model. Such as punch simulation.

  • Male model: Does not change with product changes.
  • Master mold: It varies with the structure of the product and the processing method of the mold.

What are the Front and Rear Molds?
The length of the back mold ejector pin is the length of the product surface from the back mold ejector pin push plate to the ejector pin ejection product, and the length of the front mold nozzle is the front mold back plate.

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