Understanding Medium Duty Caster Wheels

Dec 15, 2014

Medium duty caster wheels are used in a variety of applications and conditions. They are useful in providing shock absorption, ease of movement, and durability. Generally, these wheels are manufactured with the wheel being molded around a spoked or solid core. The wheel is then fit into a frame. This is known as a caster. These casters can be designed to remain rigid or to swivel. Depending on their size and material used, they are capable of handling small to large amounts of weight.

Why are Medium Duty Caster Wheels Used?

The following features make medium duty caster wheels a popular choice for equipment that require rolling motion:

  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Display high strength and are durable in nature.
  • Non-pneumatic in nature, therefore don’t require to be filled with air.
  • Don’t require any maintenance.
  • Manufactured using sealed ball bearings. Hence, lesser chance of parts falling out.
  • High-grade materials used that are resistant to most cleaning agents and the chemicals used.
  • The material and construction allows smooth movement without marking the floor.
  • The cell structure of the materials used is such that a high degree of shock absorption is achieved at the wheel level. The flexible material makes the experience smoother without the need to install additional shock absorbing equipment.
  • These wheels are engineered to avoid roll-offs.

These casters are designed keeping these specific needs in mind. They are designed for indoor as well as outdoor use. They can also endure conditions like heat, cold, moisture, water, and even abrasive environments.

These heavy duty wheels are used in power chair applications as well. For this usage, one must ensure that all manufacturing, product, and safety requirements laid down by wheelchair manufacturers are being followed.

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