Types of Plastic Injection Molding Machines

All types of injection molding machines are made up of two parts –an injection unit and a clamping unit.  It sounds simple enough until you start talking about the wide-ranging needs of the end user.  Different industries and indeed different applications require much different machines.

  • Fully hydraulic machines offer high clamping force that is needed for big part production.
  • All electric machines are perfect for short injection times and provide the best production cleanliness.
  • Hybrid machines have excellent energy efficiency and give you more freedom for innovative mold design.
  • The ever popular tie-bar-less design allows for absolute freedom to the mold area for complex molds, rapid mold change and unobstructed robot movement.
  • Lastly, vertical molding is perfect for overmolding inserts while offering a compact machine design.

Over the years, machines have been designed to fit every application that has presented itself in the injection molding industry.

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