Hand Truck Wheel

How to Replace a Flat Free Hand Truck Wheel ?

Sep 29, 2016

Hand Truck Wheel

Our flat free hand truck wheels are manufactured utilizing micro cellular Polyurethane elastomers. These wheels perform just like pneumatic tires, without the hassle and expense of flats.

They are flexible, lightweight, and they compress and conform to road surfaces just like air-filled tires.

However, like any other product, flat free hand truck wheels undergo wear and tear after extended periods of use. With flat free polyurethane wheels, it is a good idea to replace the entire wheel.

This post discusses the steps for replacing flat-free hand truck tires.

Steps to Replace a Flat-free Hand Truck Wheel

The procedure that we have provided here involves replacing the wheel and the flat-free hand truck tire as a single unit. A hand truck wheel assembly can consist of either a cotter pin, or a lock washer. We will provide separate points for removing both components.

Assemble your Tools and Safety Equipment:

  1. The first thing you need to do is to get all the right tools and safety gear. Your tools will include:
    1. A table (or any stable surface)
    2. Pair of pliers
    3. Hammer
    4. Replacement lock washers (if required)
    5. Safety gear, which will include work gloves and goggles.

It is extremely important to keep the safety gear on at all times during the replacement procedure. They will ensure that you don’t get hurt while replacing the wheel.

  1. Prepare the Hand Truck:

Lift the hand truck and lay it down on the table or firm surface, with the wheels off the ground and facing you. Ensure that the truck’s handle, and the package spade are in the down positions. Make sure that the truck is secure, and will not move. Remove the axle end cap, if there is one in the assembly.

  1. Removing Pins or Lock Washers:
  • Removing the Cotter Pin:
  1. If your hand truck is designed with a cotter pin, first hold the assembly on the axle, then use the pliers to straighten the bent area to find the pin. Gently grip the pin end with the pliers. Maneuver the pin around and pull it out from the assembly. There will also be some flat washers around the axle, remove them before replacing the wheel.
  • Removing the Lock Washer:
  1. Lock washers are designed to grip onto the axle so that the wheel doesn’t come off. If your hand truck is designed with this component, you will need to use the pliers and the hammer. Place one side of the plier head against the washer, and hit the other side with hammer. Keep hitting the washer till it breaks, or gets damaged. Remove the washer, and then perform the next step.
  1. Replace the Wheel: Slowly slide the wheel out from the axle. Take the new wheel, and align its center hub hole with the axle. Push the wheel and tire assembly straight onto the axle, ensuring that it is flush against the truck’s frame.
  1. Replace the Pin/Lock Washer: Replace the flat washers, and then locate the cotter pin hole in the axle. Insert the cotter pin, and ensure that the end is resting against the axle. Bend the pin’s arms around the axle to secure the assembly. For lock washer designed assemblies, replace the old washer with a new one.  

If you use the right tools and follow the instructions, the average DIYer can complete the wheel replacement process easily. This procedure can also be used if you are using custom flat-free hand truck tires. The best way to get the right wheel and tire is to approach the manufacturer of the actual hand truck or a flat-free hand truck wheel manufacturer. Either one can suggest the right product that will meet your needs.

Custom Engineered Wheels (CEW) is an industry leading custom flat-free hand truck wheel manufacturer. You can find out about our products by visiting our products page.

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