What is the Reason for the Industry-Wide Application of Solid Plastic Wheels?

Dec 08, 2014

Solid plastic wheels outperform most wheels in terms of durability, usability, and maintenance-free properties. The different kinds of tough manufacturing materials used contribute to the versatile application of these wheels. They are also relatively low on maintenance because they are solid in nature and do not require filling of air on regular intervals. Their resilience, in terms of corrosion and abrasion is attributable to their solid make. This has made them extremely popular in a wide range of domestic and heavy industrial applications.

What to Expect from Solid Plastic Wheels ?

As a user or potential buyer, you might be curious of the various advantages of using solid plastic wheels. Below are listed some of the advantages of using these wheels:

  • These wheels can be used in applications that require them to be in constant contact with water or moisture.
  • It is highly abrasion and corrosion resistant.
  • In terms of weatherability, depending on the material used, these wheels are generally capable of performing optimally up to 180° F.
  • These wheels also display strength and the ability to withstand impact.
  • They exhibit some shock absorbing properties.
  • These wheels can be manufactured using materials that are UV resistant.
  • They display quiet rolling action, floor protection, ability to surpass and roll over small obstacles, maneuverability, durability, and more.

Applications of Solid Plastic Wheels

Due to the many advantages of solid plastic wheels, their application is widespread as well. Some of the applications are:

Solid plastic wheels are also widely used in food service, supermarkets, offices, warehouses, etc. these wheels are constructed using a variety of materials like polyurethane, HDPE, and standard and custom nylon resins. Cost-efficient and long lasting, these products offer supreme mobility.

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