Where Polyurethane Plastic Are Mostly Used

Polyurethane also known as PUR & PU is a type of polymer made by combining organic compound unit with carbamate (urethane). Polyurethane is versatile in nature and used in manufacturing wide appliances for consumer and industrial products.

The traditional method of making Polyurethane is by reacting a polyisocyanate molecules with a polyol in the presence of appropriate catalysts and additives. Polyurethane plastic comes in two forms rigid and flexible and based on the requirements it used for manufacturing many types of machinery and consumer products.

Polyurethane is economical and safe for production and used as a protection layer in daily using products like furniture, car interior materials, synthetic leather, textile application, coatings and footwears. The Polyurethane has many properties such as chemical resistance, flexibility, resistance from oil & grease, transparency and mechanical.

The global market of Polyurethane has reached to $52.9 billion in 2015 and according to Mordor Intelligence analysis reports, It also expected to reach $79.15 billion by the end of 2021. The primary market of polyurethane is the United States, Canada, Mexica, Europe, United Kingdom, Japan, India and middle east countries.

Most popular use of Polyurethane Plastic Materials & Consumptions (Based on 2012 survey reports)

  1. Construction & Building Projects: 1,978 Millions Pounds
  2. Transportation & Marine: 1,121 Millions Pounds
  3. Furniture and Bedding: 1,015 Millions Pounds
  4. Machinery and Foundry: 384 Millions Pounds
  5. Appliances: 286 Millions Pounds

Construction & Building Projects:

Development and construction companies consume the highest number of polyurethane products of 36% of total polyurethane products. Transportation and construction sectors are open gates for new diversification platform for all polyurethane products. Due to its high efficiency, versatility and flexibility mechanical properties, rigid polyurethanes highly used in roof insulation, insulated panels, windows and doors gap fillers. If polyurethane uses with proper materials, it works as a protection layer against moisture and external weather.

Transportation & Marine:

Nearly every type of polyurethane products used in automobile industry and therefore the transportation sectors acquired 20% of total polyurethane products consumption in the United States. Polyurethane is light in weight and almost 16.4% of its products used in manufacturing lightweight vehicles. In terms polyurethane products diversification in transportation industries, it highly used in making seats, headrest, armrest, interior system and HVAC for cars, trains and buses.

Furniture & Bedding Products:

Polyurethane foams are ideal for creating soft cores of sofas, households and commercial furniture such as chairs, sofa, sitting benches for the business area. Because of its versatility, durability and comfort property, it is highly demanding in the furniture industry in the United States and other countries. It is also used as a coating layer to protect wood furniture from moisture.

Machinery and Foundry:

Polyurethane used as a coating material for protecting machine exterior from heat, moisture and abrasion. Polyurethane products also used in manufacturing external parts of machinery used for oil and gas drilling. It is also used as a fabricating agent in machine rollers, bearing, gasket and light weight exterior panels of the machine.


Appliances industry consume 5% of the total polyurethane products in the United States. Most of the polyurethane products used in making refrigerators insulator, freezer, hot water heaters and vending machine. Polyurethane has very strong adhesive properties and therefore it is used to foam bond between the inner and outer layer of refrigerators.

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