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Plastic Wheels – Tips for Safe Operation

Nov 23, 2015

Plastic wheels are largely chosen for outdoor applications. They are ruggedly manufactured to withstand wear and tear, corrosion, and other extreme conditions in outdoor environments. Although they are manufactured to withstand the test of time, they must be regularly inspected and maintained for safe performance. This blog is meant to provide some insights on the same.

Regularly Inspect Plastic Wheels to Ensure Safe Performance

Consider the following to prevent unexpected accidents due to wheel failure.

  • As mentioned earlier in the post, plastic wheels are generally used for outdoor environments containing dust, oil, and corrosive liquids, among others. Clean the wheels and remove all grease and road dirt for safe and smooth riding.
  • Adding to the above point, plastic wheels may get exposed to salt, magnesium chloride and calcium chloride compounds when used in demanding industrial environments. If not cleaned on a regular basis, these components pose serious threats to the performance and durability of plastic wheels. Also, plastic wheels can get corroded due to entrapped moisture. However, the water content can be removed using wire brush. Also, consider using a non-water based tire lubricant to protect the wheel rim and hub.
  • Damaged and cracked wheels are susceptible to come off the vehicle when it is moving. Don’t take chances by retaining such wheels. Change damaged, corroded, or cracked wheels immediately before they cause any accidents.
  • Wheels that are exposed to excessive heat may appear charred or burned. Consider changing these wheels immediately to prevent wheel/tire assembly explosion.
  • Once the wheels are cleaned, a good way to keep grass and debris from sticking is to spray the wheel with vegetable oil. You can also wipe on with a rag to ensure all surface areas are covered.

When purchasing plastic wheels, you will get a wheel service/maintenance manual. Always refer to the manual to understand the ways to enhance the operational excellence and service life of your plastic wheels. Operate, clean, and maintain the wheels as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. This helps prevent sudden wheel failure, which may lead to unexpected mishaps.

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