Global 4-Caster Rollator Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.9% By 2028

The 4 castor rollator market is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. 4 caster rollators or 4 wheel rollators/walkers are a modified version of walkers with wheels attached to it, therefore, preventing the need of lifting it by an individual. Rollators consist of 4 wheels, handle bars and a built in seat. These rollators are stable on smooth surfaces too where there is less friction, such as tiles or hardwood floors. Furthermore, rollators can help children as well as aged people having walking disability due to various diseases. Owing to its comfort and no dependence on the second person and as these rollators have seats on which a person can sit and rest, it is possible for children with disability to attend schools, or go out. Other than that, there is a separate basket which supports the shopping bag or other accessories. There are several types of rollators in the market such as height adjustable, handle brakes, standard weight, folding rollator, indoor/outdoor, three-wheel rollator, etc.

Rollators with Seat may be more in Demand

As rollators with seats allow its user to sit whenever he/she gets tired, their demand may rise among children as well as geriatric population. A 2019 study by Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies and Health reported that rollators are more effective than walkers as they are less tiring and user’s energy does not get drained much in rollators as they don’t need to lift the weight. For people having balance disorders, such as, Parkinson’s or cerebral palsy, rollators are useful for them as it maintains balance and mobility. Thus, due to advantage of rest, rollators with seat are driving the market towards growth.

Prevalence among Geriatric Population

As geriatric population are prone to diseases and also suffer from different chronic diseases which create problems with their movements. Arthritis and osteoporosis are most common problems which causes disability in moving or people find it difficult to move in such conditions. For instance, arthritis is a joint disease causing pain in the knee and people with arthritis find it difficult to move, climb stairs, without rollator and osteoporosis makes bones thinner, weaker to break easily which results in worsening the posture. Therefore, prevalence of such diseases, added with Parkinson’s disease, COPD, heart diseases, etc. make the body weak and dependent on rollators. Therefore, with the increase in people having such diseases, the demand for rollators may rise during the forecast period.

Overloading and Excessive Swivel Offset may hamper the Growth

While caster can lift the load but it can happen in a limit and thus, load capacity is one of the reason that may hamper its sales. Due to bumps or obstacle on the road, sometimes, the rollator can cause catastrophic failure in which it experiences as if heavy load is drawn upon it. Additionally, design flaw, high cost can be other factors for its restraining market growth in the near future.

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