Custom Engineered Wheels: Revolutionizing Manufacturing – A Perspective on Injection Molding and Moldmaking Automation

In the evolving landscape of manufacturing, the role of automation in injection molding and moldmaking is becoming increasingly indispensable. Recognizing the urgency, especially in the face of a growing skilled labor shortage, to apply robotics to tasks crucial for the industry’s survival but challenging to fill with human labor.

Highlighted in the source content “Injection Molding and Moldmaking Automation in Focus,” the upcoming Molding and Moldmaking Conferences in Minneapolis, Minn. (August 29-30) will feature presentations addressing automation in these industries. This presents a valuable opportunity for attendees to gain insights from both suppliers and users of automation, exploring the scope and applications of robotics in manufacturing.

In the Molding Conference, three automation suppliers, including Darin Thompson from Wittmann, Chris Parillo from Yushin America, and Bill Egert from Logic One, will delve into topics such as the cost/benefit analysis of automation applications, choosing the right projects for automation, and the value, waste reduction, and process perfection achievable through simple robotics.

Simultaneously, the collocated Moldmaking Conference will host presentations by three leading toolmakers, Troy DeVlieger from PFAFF Molds, Louie Fields, and Rhonda Lustenberger from Decatur Mold Tool and Engineering, and Tim Galbraith from Cavalier Tool & Manufacturing. They will share their experiences and insights into bringing automation into the production of injection mold tooling, addressing challenges and strategies for maximizing productivity.

Anticipating that automation will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of injection molding and moldmaking, the industry is committed to staying at the forefront of these advancements to enhance efficiency, address the skilled labor shortage, and contribute to the overall sustainability of the manufacturing sector.

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