Cool wheels! Here’s a look at bike trends for 2017

Jul 13, 2017

Cycling’s bigger than ever, but unfortunately, so are the near misses involving cellphone-distracted drivers. That’s why safety was one of the big topics  at the recent InterBike show in Las Vegas, along with urban bikes, cargo bikes, e-bikes, stand-up bikes, fatter tires and simpler, speedier designs that cut the clutter. Here’s a quick look at 2017’s most innovative bikes, wheeled contraptions and accessories, often found with built-in lights, reflectivity and even radar:

Epitomizing the simpler-is-better trend, tiny AlterCycles of Grand Rapids, Mich., wowed InterBike with bikes featuring its stylish, innovative ARC downtube, which flexes to smooth out the road and provide a subtle boost with each pedal stroke. Want more suspension action — or a different color? Interchangeable ARCs ($100 each) can be swapped out in about 5 minutes with an allen wrench. Starting at $750.

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