Add Style to Your Office with These Rollerblade Wheel Casters

Add Style to Your Office with These Rollerblade Wheel Casters

Apr 13, 2017

There aren’t a lot of ways you can make your work cubicle pop, or even look comfortable. You want to do something to make your work space your own, but how? Your walls are gray, your desktop computer, that only has Minesweeper doesn’t add any color, and even the top of your desk is an ugly beige. You don’t want to go crazy but just add a little pop.

What about your chair? It’s not the most comfortable thing in the world, and it’s worked for the company much longer than you have, but there has to be something fun you can do with it. SunnieDog, a Colorado-based company, has the perfect solution: new wheels! Get rid of those ugly black wheel casters that always get caught on the carpet and start rolling around in style.

Rollerblade-Style Wheel Casters

With these new wheel casters, you’ll love rolling back and forth across your cubicle while everyone else in your department gets jealous of your new subtle, but stylish personal touch.

Roll in Style

SocioSights Square
The rollerblade style gives you a sense of nostalgia and takes you back to the good old days of making laps around the skating rink or tearing it up at the skate park with old friends, but the smooth finish also shows a sophisticated side that’s reflective of your professional persona from 9 to 5. It’s like Tony Hawk meets Office Space!

The clear polyurethane tire adds a touch of modern style to your cubicle that everyone who walks past is sure to notice. The overall look of these casters turns your otherwise ordinary chair into an extraordinary statement piece.

Best of all, you don’t have to deal with those loud, unsightly, pesky plastic mats under your chair either. They’ve also been known to raise the height of some chairs, which makes your work station more ergonomic. These wheel casters put the ‘fun’ back in functional.

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