3 Features to Include in Your Customized Wheelchair for Maximum Safety

May 19, 2015

The wheels used are responsible for your experience in the wheelchair. If you are considering designing your own wheelchair, consider using customized wheelchair wheels for better performance. Manufacturers are providing several customizable features of wheelchair wheels that allow you have a safer, more comfortable experience. In case you are unable to find the right kind of wheel, get customized wheelchair wheels for best results. You can even change the wheels on your current wheelchair, if you are not satisfied with the ride.

Manual Wheelchair Wheels

3 Features to Include in a Customized Wheelchair for Added Safety

 Some features and components can be incorporated in a wheelchair to ensure the user’s safety:

  • Front Wheels

    The front wheels support the back wheels. It is important that the wheels used are broad and large. This will keep the wheelchair from tipping over. Larger wheels are better equipped to ride over bumps easily. Hence, they provide a smoother experience to the user.

  • Back Wheels

    The wheels used in the rear end of a wheelchair, provide maximum support. It is imperative that these wheels provide stability to the user. Many wheelchair users opt for anti-tip features. This feature steadies the wheelchair and keeps it from tipping.

  • Lumbar & Lower Body Support

    The wheelchair should be designed to provide the user with security when making turns, riding on slippery floors, or when encountering a bump. In such situations, the wheels provide maximum support. However, the body is supported by the wheelchair. Adequate lumbar support will help the user maintain balance at all times. Lateral support helps the lower body maintain balance.

When purchasing customized wheelchair wheels or other components for your wheelchair, ensure that they are accompanied by the right quality and performance certifications. All these factors will ensure that you can navigate through and circumvent the hindrances you face on a daily basis or in challenging circumstances. Don’t be afraid to ask the wheelchair manufacture about the best wheels to fit your wheelchair and how to improve your wheelchair ride.

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