Motivo Tour Walker Wheels

CEW Creates One-of-a-Kind Wheel Assembly for New Motivo Tour Walker

CEW has extended the benefits of its Polyurethane and Injection Molding capabilities to many products and custom wheel assembly offerings. They have incorporated this technology in Motivo’s Tour Walkers as well. The wheel assemblies manufactured by CEW have been custom built according to the unique requirements of Motivo’s Tour Walkers.Motivo Tour Walker Wheels

Developed with the help of the Polyurethane and Injection Molding process, the 8×1 wheel assembly features a very light, easy to roll, long lasting and “0″ maintenance.  The microcellular polyurethane tire is manufactured using centrifugal casting.

This wheel assembly is designed to provide support and stability when walking. It is a long lasting, high strength wheel that can be used on several types of surfaces. This low cost wheel has enhanced the lives of many individuals by enabling them and providing them with a “worry free” wheels. The walker and the wheel, together have helped the aged get back to their feet by providing them a comfortable, ergonomic experience.


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